Retail And Audit Research

Retail auditing is the study of a selected sample of retail shops, can be continuous or discreet, to get information about several parameters. It is carried out to measure the effectiveness, trends in the sale, volume of sales, stock levels, marketing, and promotion tactics of a particular brand or product in the retail outlet. This kind of service is generally provided by market research firms, but several of these researches are not up to date and not completely informative according to your needs. To get the best solutions for you in form of highly informative and expert market research services, ARS experts offer the most detailed, up to date, tallying perfectly with your needs, retail audit research. An expert retail audit at ARS gives an accurate picture about various detailed events in a retail shop and simultaneously involves analysis by proposing effective improvisations or corrective measures.

The products can be your products or your competitors. The very first step of retail audit research includes selection of a sample of retail shops. The targets to be achieved according to the customers? needs are clearly listed out and a simple and brief survey is carried out ensuring proper collection of data. To collect product information technological tools are used. Tech tools like smart phones, cameras, tablets may be used along with internet connectivity or wifi, making it easier for faster collection of data. Data is stored in the form of images, sounds or videos and by scanning barcodes ? to document important features of the retail environment like customer behaviors, information on products, announcements, comments, etc. A rich realistic data set helps in a detailed research on the data, evaluation of competition and hence, stimulating enhancement in performance trends. We focus on various parameters like, the quality of staff, assessment of services based on speed and quality, display and availability of various products, overall store environment and condition, competitive stores, inventory, equipment, in-store merchandising, extra privileges, coupons or promotions.

Experts at ARS collect the data, which have prior experience and knowledge about the business space. Further analysis and reporting with segmentation is carried out with solutions that improve performance trends. ARS research focuses on achieving perfection in work which shall give our customers satisfaction and build faith on our services. We face all kinds of challenges to find best solutions through our detailed retail audit research.