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Thank you madam for your efficient timely support for our company development along with your provided database
Kumaravel30th May, 2017
Well job done by ARE. One of the esteemed organization in the market.
Anand3rd Apr, 2017
Solomon25th Jan, 2017


Thanks to AMRS
Velan3rd Nov, 2016
Sekar21st Feb, 2014


Prabakar19th Mar, 2013


Am really more happy to got a interim report for my concern, its more rewarded and highly weight age concern. Thanking you.
Socrates19th Mar, 2013


ARS MARKET RESEARCH company did data analysis for my journal. It was more appreciable and more rewarded one. Congratz to the team, and especially Mrs.Lakshmi madam. Thanks
Saranya16th Apr, 2012


Thanks a tonne to ARS MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES for the wonderful care of my company. They did lot for my company. Don`t have space to write about., Words can`t explain about the company. Our development will dedicates to the ARSMRS.
Ishu Srinivasan16th Apr, 2012


If you are planning to start up a new venture. Then contact ARS Market Research Services. They will guide you with valuable solutions for the real time scenario.
Shiva26th Mar, 2012


I got research guidance from this concern for my master`s degree. Really appreciable one. I got the grade of 4.76 out of 5 .
Mohana Sundaram22nd Feb, 2012


Am mohan, Mohana sundaram Student in Annamalai university under the guidance of Dr.Chandra Mohan, Collected lots of data from ARS MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES with regard to current trend and collected details of journals and articles of hypermarket in India and Tamilnadu. When I entered into the organization I did not know the difference between hypermarket, retail market and supermarket. But this organization P.L. Taught me with graphs and charts. Thanks to ARS MRS.
Francis Sabu1st Feb, 2012


Timely submission with quality.
Thomas Edwin1st Feb, 2012


Prompt in delivery and quality work!!
Ahmed1st Feb, 2012


One of the best top three market research firm in Chennai.
Ragava Narayanan1st Feb, 2012


This organization is a Encyclopedia. First I contacted them for the mini project for my academics after 2 years. I had the opportunity to initiate a new venture in the hotel industry. For which I shared the objective and the aim towards the assignment. They have taken hardly 15 days. That 15 days report always be in my table it shows me the inspiration of our business. Today am in the position because of ARSMRS only. Keep rocking ARSMRS.We wish u for your career. Do the best and Your client will do the rest.
Dr.vivek Varma (dnb Orthopaedician)1st Feb, 2012


It was nice to work with ARS MRS especially with Ms.Lakshmi. She understood the concept which I was trying to implement in my dissertation and helped me in completion of my statistical analysis. The work was completed well in time. Congrats. Areas where improvement can be done – quick access to internet when we send the mails for addition or corrections will even shorten the time of all processing. Kindly adhere to the instructions of clients, however subtle it may seems, as it gives the client more satisfaction. Thanking you whole heartedly and wishing you and your company`s good work. Most importantly cost is low but output came out with good quality. KEEP IT UP. Good work go ahead.
Selvi Usa1st Feb, 2012


ARS Market research services did my p.hd field work data collection. The data which they provided was more helpful and also the quality of work also more commendable. Congratz ARSMRS!!!
Prof.simon1st Feb, 2012


Good work. But they are more keen on the quality. Have to be the same with the time limit also.
Raja1st Feb, 2012


Brilliant support and amazing professionalism in their report. Pristine practices speaks volumes in the data reporting that they did for my thesis preparation. Keep up the good work !!
Mr.manas Raja1st Feb, 2012


For us over all its a good company and happy to work with them. And we are so happy to going together with Ms. Lakshmi`s spontaneous or instant assistance for the assignment. Thanks Ms.Lakshmi and team.
Mr.senthil Nathan1st Feb, 2012


I would like to write some few words about the organization and Ms.Lakhshmi madam team. About the organization ARS Market research services other wise known as the quality and also similarly Ms.Lakshmi madam other wise called More energy effective and workaholic person of the eminent organization. Pl. Join with them and grow ourselves with some extensive knowledge of the research.
Rajkappoor1st Feb, 2012


Had a good time toegot the database of the real estate sector from ARS MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES. Congrats for their continuous support.
Shri.sayee Manohar30th Jan, 2012


Hello ARS MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES. Just want to be part of the joy.
Thanks for the report which you submitted on the basis of medical retailer study. Which made by the organization. Which is more authenticated and one of the unforgettable report.
Format of the report shown which is similar to the young & Ernst kind of report.
n behalf of our organization we would bless the firm and Mrs.Lakshmi family will grow and achieved all their dreams.
Mr.senthil (happy Foods)30th Jan, 2012


Hi my dear co-fellow researchers.
If any one would like to start up a new establishment. Pl. dont open it blindly. Try to spend time to visit Madam lakshmi. There she will direct us to get a procedure of business and go ahead way.
Through the report we got more input do`s and dont`s of business. This is my humble hand with the organization to share the views to the co-colleagues .
Mr.stailin30th Jan, 2012


Thanks to ARS MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES to shared the quote which is more advisable and affordable to our organization. Thanks for the effort to complete the work.
Prof.dr.vijaya30th Jan, 2012


Dr.viji (speech Therapist)30th Jan, 2012


I went to that organization to meet Madam Lakshmi., I came to know her through, I got appointment and had opportunity to meet the legend. There i got more inputs about the research methodology basics and how to incorporate in to the real nature.
I got reward and award through my theses. Thanks and applause to the ARS MARKET RESEARCH SERVICES.
Manigandan30th Jan, 2012


One of the best market Research company. They shared some basic HR database to promote our event.

Mr Prabha10th Nov, 2011